Using the menu system at the top or the buttons on the left gives you full access to all the program functions.

Many of the function are concurrently available.  This means that you can look at a customers account while entering  a job.  Or you can access the pricing tables while entering a job.  You are not restricted to doing one task at a time.

In the main template you select the options needed to define any job.
The option quantity can be changed before or after assigning them to a job.
Option prices can be overridden and saved for a single job.
Multiple postage rates can be estimated.  For example if the postage is split you can show both rates.  If the customer needs to see multiple rate estimates, you just select them here and they will print on the quote.
The program comes with options and prices already defined.  You can add, modify or delete prices as needed for your shop.

The General Template can used for outside purchases, over the counter sales or adding one time charges.

Options can be priced by the Hour, by the Piece or by 1,000's.
Pricing can include a minimum price and setup charges.
Options can be defined as taxable and as an Outside Purchase.

An optional quantity discount factor table can be defined for each option individually.  You can set your own break points and discount factors.

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