Direct Mail Estimating Software

Speed is the name of the game if you hope to thrive in the direct mail business. You have to get there more quickly than the next man or woman. Fail to do so, and customers will choose to have their needs met elsewhere.

Being quick out the gate helps you get business in a very direct way. Typically, when clients are interested in using your services, they contact you for a quote. If you are slow to respond to this request, the client could lose interest and take her business to another direct mail company.

Improve Response Time with Direct Mail Estimating Software

AACRO Computer Systems offers direct mail estimating software that can give you the edge you need in this regard. Our Mail Center Manager was written specifically for the direct mail shop, bearing in mind the specific needs of those in your industry. With our estimating software, you can generate quotes with lightning speed. This will minimize customer job shopping and will give you a much better chance of translating quote requests into actual business.

Having this kind of efficiency at your disposal doesn't have to decimate your bank account. Our direct mail estimating software is surprisingly affordable, with prices that are among the most competitive in the industry. Isn't it time you gave your direct mail company the tools it needs to achieve a level of responsiveness that wins clients? Give AACRO a call at 770-592-2028, or send us an email to learn how we can help you.