Direct Mail Rates

If a potential client requests information on rates regarding a direct mail campaign, it's not enough to simply provide the information he seeks. Go a step beyond this request and you could open the door to additional business. If the client requests information on the rates associated with a campaign targeted toward 500, for example, provide him with this information. But you should also provide him with rates associated with slightly larger campaigns targeted toward, say, 750 or 1,000--just in case the client is weighing the merits of increasing the scope of the endeavor.

Generating this additional information on rates is easier said than done. Know, however, that there is a tool you can use to grease the wheels of this process and make it nearly effortless. With the right direct mail estimating software, you can quickly generate multiple quotes and rates that improve your chances of scoring an up-sell.

The Right Way to Handle Direct Mail Rates Requests

AACRO Computer Systems offers direct mail estimating software that has won kudos time and again for its efficiency. Known as the Mail Center Manager, our software is the brainchild of skilled professional programmers. Choose our product, and you'll be able to generate multiple rates quotes with no hassles at lightning speed.

Our solution is affordable and won't dent your pocketbook. Give us a call at 770-592-2028 to learn more; you may also reach us by email. Give your company the tools it needs to achieve successful up-sells by getting AACRO's Mail Center Manager on your side.