Direct Mail Software

A client that you've worked with in the past contacts you regarding a job order. You couldn't be more excited. Any new order is good news, but this one is especially worthy of cheer. The order is a large one, and the extra revenue comes at just the right time for your direct mail company.

However, there's a problem. When you request job specifications from the client, he simply tells you to use the specifications that guided the last order he placed with your company. Unfortunately, that order was a couple of years ago, and you no longer have those records on file.

Achieve Bulletproof Record Keeping with Direct Mail Software

Carefully chosen direct mail software can make situations like this one a thing of the past. AACRO Computer Systems offers software that will allow you to save job specifications. With AACRO's Mail Center Manager, you'll be able to access saved specifications at any point in the future. This feature can help you provide more efficient customer service, since it helps you avoid having to request information that the client has already provided.

Learn more about how our direct mail software can help you achieve the sort of bulletproof record keeping that's a boon for business. Place a call to our helpful representatives at 770-592-2028, or send us an email. With AACRO working for you, you can have the power to truly stay on top of your business.