Direct Mail Industry

It's no secret that the direct mail industry is a mammoth enterprise. Revenue has topped $55 billion, and it only keeps growing. You can claim a slice of this very lucrative pie, but first you have to arm yourself with the right tools.

Speed will be your greatest weapon as you fight to carve a name for yourself in the direct mail industry. It begins from the very start, when clients come to your door requesting quotes. The quicker you're able to act on these quote requests, the better your chances of transforming them into the wealth of job orders that your direct mail company needs to thrive in the industry.

Estimating Software for the Direct Mail Industry

AACRO Computer Systems can provide you with software that will grant you this speed. Our Mail Center Manager has been hailed in the industry as being the most competent accounting and estimating software for those in the direct mail business. Our tool can help you generate quotes that are fast and accurate each and every time.

The range of capabilities offered by the Mail Center Manager touches on everything from accounts receivable management to the preparation of sales reports. Allow us to show you all the benefits offered by our truly unique solution. Give us a call at 770-592-2028 or send us an email. Let AACRO's Mail Center Manager give you the advantage you need to realize success in the direct mail industry.