Direct Mail Postage

As you scramble to prepare a quote for your potential new client, the mood is frantic, to say the least. There's so much to think about as you develop the quote for your services on this direct mail campaign. How much will the paper cost? What will the final postage expense look like? All of these things will play a part in the cost of the campaign, and you have to give them careful consideration if you hope to generate a quote that will help your company win lucrative business.

Know that with the right software, the burden of managing this sort of complex planning can be lifted from your shoulders. Here at AACRO Computer Systems, we can make your life a whole lot simpler with our Mail Center Manager. This software can be used to manage all aspects of the accounting process, from the generation of estimates to the postage calculation.

As you work hard to make your direct mail company a success, back-office functions like accounting and postage issues should be the least of your concerns. The Mail Center Manager can take on these responsibilities. Thus, you'll be left with more time and energy to focus on the activities that have a more direct impact on the success of your direct mail business.

We'd love to fill you in on how our Mail Center Manager can benefit you. Send us an email, or place a call to our associates at 770-592-2028. Let AACRO free you from having to worry about things like postage and help give your business the strength it needs to stand victorious in the competitive direct mail marketplace.